It’s been a while since I have traveled anywhere and I am getting itchy feet again. Well – I guess realistically I always have itchy feet. A few weeks ago I was chatting with a friend and we decided to take a weekend drive so we’re off to Belgium (and probably a bit of France) for the weekend. I’ve driven over there many times but not in the last 3 years and usually I put the car on the ferry between Dover and Calais. This time is a little different though because I am putting the car on the train and going through the Eurotunnel. Have never done that before and apparently the train is quicker so am looking forward to it.

So why Belgium? Well they have cheap beer (I know, I dont drink), cheap chocolates (Belgian chocolates are great) and lots of really good seafood. Who could say no? Belgium is probably one of my favourite European countries. I know many people that dont like it and think it is too regimented but I dont think so.

De Panne beach

De Panne beach

Most people head over and go to the big cities like Brugge or Brussels but for me there is a little town called De Panne that I love. It’s right on the seaside, has a great beach with proper sand (sorry England but I think the Belgians stole your beaches), has excellent seafood restaurants and cute little shops. Nothing like having a Belgian waffle whilst you are walking up the board way on a Belgian beach.

Our plan is to get out of London early on Saturday, head out to Folkstone to get the train, drive through France and head straight up to De Panne. We have already sorted a couple of rooms in what looks like a nice hotel that isnt far from the beach and we’ll do some shopping, grab some dinner, check out the local night life (okay – there isnt much). Next day we may drive back and spend some time in Dunkirk (France) depending on how we feel. There is no hurry.

So why do I like living in London? I guess this post answers it all. I can be in another country in 90 minutes. Gotta love that 🙂