I’ve been home in London for about 6 weeks now and it feels strange not to currently have a travel plan ahead of me or know that I will be going somewhere shortly. Since I have been back in London I have done some IT Industry exams which I am happy to say I passed without too much effort. It’s all in preparation for going back to work which I will have to do shortly I suppose.

The last 6 weeks have been about studying, catching up with friends and attempting to put my life back in order but I keep thinking back to some of the experiences I had earlier this year and I am so thankful for them. 2012 has been a great year. I made some new friends that I know I will keep in touch with for a long time to come and I caught up with some friends that I knew from previous travels. I think I have been very lucky to have been able to take the year out and travel as much as I did and despite some of the challenges that I faced as a solo traveller in some places, I have really enjoyed this year. It’s one I will look back on in many years to come with great fondness.

In the last 12 months (from Dec 2011) I have been to:

UAE; Oman; Kuwait; Qatar; Bahrain;
Hong Kong; Thailand; Laos; Vietnam; Cambodia;
Burma; Bhutan; Taiwan; China; North Korea; Hainan;
Indonesia; Australia; Philippines; South Korea;
Mongolia; Russia; USA; Canada.

I guess even my country list for the last 12 months is longer than most people will visit in a life time. I’m currently at 111 countries. I never thought I would ever visit that many places in my life but I really have been very lucky to have done that. Will I stop traveling? Nope… probably not! It’s just on hold for the moment though (I needed to send my damaged Eagle Creek bags away for repairs).

Luggage on it's way for repairs

Luggage on it’s way for repairs

To those of you who have read this blog for the period I was away… thank you for putting up with some of my inane ramblings. You deserve a medal.

To those of you who encouraged me to write this blog… thanks for encouraging me to create a memory!

Signing off for now….


KC xx