Corner Brook is a small city in New Foundland, Canada that was discovered by Captain Cook. Yep – the same James Cook who discovered Australia. Although it doesnt have a huge population, it is quite spread out so the town provides free busses around town for cruise ship passengers. What I didnt realise is that the free busses basically take you on a shopping tour of Corner Brook stopping at all the Malls and Walmart! Nothing like showing visitors your best sights.


At the first stop I met Flossie. She was a beautiful New Foundland dog who hung out at her owners shopping emporium, just sitting around out the front with the locals. There wasnt much of any interest in the shop (tourist stuff) but I really wanted to take Flossie home. Unfortunately they wouldnt let me 🙁


I jumped out at the next stop because I realised that there was a great view from the side of the road near the next shopping centre and I wanted to take a photo. The photo below nearly turned out to be very expensive! I walked into the Mall afterwards and had a quick look around. Then I tried to catch the next bus… I waited… and waited… and waited… No bus! Eventually a bus did turn up but it was on the other side of the parking lot and it took off before I could get to it… so I waited some more. By this stage it was 4:10pm and we needed to be back on board the ship by 4:30pm. Just as I went inside to call a taxi, a bus pulled up. I made it back to the ship by the skin of my teeth!!


And guess who came down to the port to see us off? Yep, it was Flossie!