Can’t say I enjoyed this port too much. For a starter we were an hour late docking which meant that everything was late including the Whale watching trip I went out on. It was an hour’s drive to get from Gaspe to Perce and whilst the scenery was nice, the tour guide put me to sleep…twice! Not a good start!!

Finally getting to Perce, we were supposed to go out on a boat for 2 and a half hours. That suddenly became just over one hour on the boat because we were late. Strangely enough we didnt see any whales and I’m guessing that it was probably because we didnt have the time to go out far enough.

Did I mention that it was rather choppy that day? In fact it was so choppy that many of the other tours that had a boat trip in them cancelled the boat part of the tour. Instead of seeing whales, I was busy trying not to puke over the side of the boat. Not good!!!


Back in Perce we were left to our own devices. Now Perce is a small fishing village with a couple of shops and a few restaurants… nothing else!

After that we were bussed back to the ship and of course the drone of the tour guides voice put me to sleep yet again. Ended the day really disappointed because I would have liked to have seen something in the area rather than have to focus on not chundering over the edge of a boat.

Oh well… win some, lose some….